Automatic Fills

We will summer fill your tank in July or August and then stop once a month from November through March and check your tank, either filling it or putting in the requested amount. This will keep you from any dangerous "out of gas" situations.

Safety Inspections

System inspections are required by the National Fire Protection Association. Inspections must be done if Occupancy changes, System Interruption, Suspected leak, or Out-of-Gas Situation.

Cylinder Refills

We fill all sizes of propane cylinders, including grill tanks, fork lift tanks and motor homes at our Clinton location.

Summer Fills

Typically, propane prices are lowest during the summer months when usage is down. Thats the rationale behind the summer fill. If you are not on an automatic fill route please call for a summer fill. We will begin summer fills in July or August.

Dust Control

Our Dust Control product is ALL NATURAL. Call for information.


We can supply your company with cylinders of all sizes. Call for route and bid information.

Budget Plans

Spread your cost over a longer period of time. The monthly payment will be determined by your past propane usage. This program runs from July 1st through May 31. Please call prior to July 1st to set up your plan.


We contract propane for a variety of uses, home heating, grain drying, industrial, livestock and for your horticultural needs. Contracting propane will allow you to lock in a fixed price for a specified amount of time. Contract figures will be available after August 15th. Refined fuels are contracted seasonally. Call for more information.

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