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Out of Gas Policy:

The State of Iowa has adopted the National Fire Protection Association’s requirements for out-of-gas situations. These regulations require anyone delivering propane to a tank that is out of gas to perform a leak test on the gas system prior to returning the system to operation.  Because access to your appliances and an adult signature is needed, we require someone 18 years of age or older to be present for this safety inspection.

Out of Gas Charges:

Business Hours After Hours
1st Occurrence $75 $125
2nd Occurrence $100 $150
3rd Occurrence* $125 $175

*If you run out of gas for a 4th time, it is our policy to pick up any EIP tanks leased by you and require you to find another propane supplier.

To avoid Out of Gas occurrences, request to be on an automatic fill route or be sure to notify us before your fuel level drops below 20%.

48-Hour Notice:

Due to the nature of our business, for those not on a keep-full route, a 48-hour notice is required for delivery requests.  Same-day deliveries are subject to our availability, and will be charged $50.00 during business hours and $100 after business hours.  Holiday deliveries will be charged $200.  

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