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Jack and Artie Seeser

In 1982, Brent Seeser graduated from the University of Iowa with a teaching degree. Wavering on the idea of teaching, he approached his dad about other business opportunities. Jack Seeser was a well-seasoned entrepreneur who had been involved in many successful business ventures. He told Brent, "There are many opportunities out there, but you must be willing to put in the hours to fulfill the needs and expectations of the customers." He also said, "You must treat the customer fairly and sell your product at a reasonable rate."

Jack was in the fertilizer business, and when a local propane company expanded their business into the fertilizer business, Jack decided he might as well be in the propane business too. That's where Brent's venture began. Eastern Iowa Propane set their first propane storage tank in September 1983. Jack managed the propane business until March 2006, after losing a courageous 4 year battle with cancer.

We continue to build and fulfill Jack's vision:


Eastern Iowa Propane & Petro employs well qualified individuals who put forth their best efforts to servicing your propane and fuel needs with the quality of service you deserve and expect. Our fleet trucks service Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

Safety of our customers and employees is very important to us. Our service techs have attended state association sponsored safety classes and meetings, and we also hold safety meetings in-house. This, along with the skilled people we hire, ensures a very competent delivery and service personnel.

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